Square Olive – Authentic Italian Restaurant in the heart of Hampton Court

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Square Olive was born out of a desire to bring friends and family together around the table. The owners, Reza and his wife Monica, gathered a group of creative, enterprising friends to create an Italian restaurant that reminded them of warm, gregarious Italian hospitality. Joining in the effort and putting the original ‘authentic’ mark on the menu was Carmine of Abruzzo. The gracious smiles and genuine hospitality that greet you at our doors and make you feel part of the family while you are dining with us was Ornella of Napoli.

Reza first recognized his passion and skill for cooking while an undergraduate at Kingston University, preparing meals for his housemates. Although he graduated with a Civil Engineering degree, his career seemed destined for success in catering. He rapidly ascended in Pizza Express and his dreams of running his own restaurant appeared in sight in 1996, when he opened Cafe La Fiamma by Bushy Park with help of Monica. That was followed by the opening of a small chain of Mexican restaurants; El Torito. However, as Monica was aware of her husband’s passion for Italian food and she very much missed her Mamma’s cooking from Rome, she finally persuaded him to open Casa Nostra restaurant in Wimbledon, followed by the Square Olive restaurant in Hampton court in recent years.

Our Mission – Quality. Passion. Pride.

Quality means freshness. (That redefines an Italian classic) Quality is seasonal vine ripened tomatoes in summer and fresh Truffles and Porcini mushrooms in autumn. With only the finest fresh ingredients we redefine an Italian Classic cuisine.

Passion is people who love what they do and take your enjoyment personally. Passion is what to expect from the people who take your order, the people who craft your meal (and peek out from the kitchen to see your delight!). Everyone you meet here is happy you’ve come, and they’re genuinely dedicated to having you visit with us frequently.

Pride makes us a family. This is our home. You are our guest. And we will attend to your dining experience with a degree of care and attention to detail unrivalled elsewhere. A deep desire to serve others is the secret to success of a gracious host. And it’s why, at Square Olive, we want you to always leave with a smile.

Square Olive Italian Restaurant in Hampton Court

Square Olive Italian Restaurant Hampton Court
Square Olive Italian Restaurant Hampton Court
Square Olive Italian Restaurant Hampton Court