Square Olive – The team behind the success

Our Head Chef; Carmine was born in Pescara. His philosophy and passion for food was cultivated at childhood and developed while working for some of the best restaurants in Italy and UK. From early childhood, Carmine could always be found in the kitchen cooking and making their own olive oil, tomato sauce, fresh pasta and bread.

He started working in his father’s fish restaurant in Pescara at the age of ten, learning to make fresh pasta, fish sauces and cakes. At the age of 20 he moved to Switzerland to pursuit his dream by studying at SSG catering school in Lausanne for five years. Following his graduation he moved to London where he met renowned Italian chef Gino Di Campo’s family who recognised his talent and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a top chef in London.

Carmine worked for two years at Café Montpeliano in Knightsbridge before he was approached by the San Carlo family to become the head chef of well-known San Carlo restaurant in Manchester in 2003. Carmine and his team strive to make dishes that fulfil a true Italian’s most essential senses – exceptional tasty but simple food, beautifully presented with the finest Italian-imported ingredients.

Our Manager is fortunate enough to have a team that have either been by our side for years or have worked with us before and left a lasting impression. This has created a unique atmosphere where his mixture of passion, positivity and attention to detail has become the day-to-day way for everybody.

Square Olive team
Square Olive team